Our History

In 2001, Jeron Campbell realized that there are many students in the Detroit area that wanted to go to college but didnít have a structured, low cost program to help prepare them to get there. Far too often, their parents were not completely informed or involved enough to effectively help them. Moreover, their school counselors and teachers didnít have the resources or time to give them much personalized attention. Jeron founded Campbell Academic Services as a community driven effort to help address these important concerns.

For decades, urban school districts have been plagued with persisting challenges such as academic underachievement and low test scores. In Detroit, the average college admissions test scores are well below where they need to be if students are to qualify for admission to college and/or financial aid to pay tuition. One of the primary reasons that students do poorly on the exams is that they are not proficient in many of the core academic areas that the exams cover. Also, students often lack the confidence that practice and learned test taking strategies can engender. Though there were several community programs that offered tutoring services, none were available for high school age youth that comprehensively addressed core academic subject areas and test preparation.

Through the Aces Program, Campbell Academic Services offers English, math, writing and ACT/SAT Preparation courses. Every course is taught by community volunteers, professionals that believe that they must be a positive example and share their knowledge with our youth if the youth are to reach their full potential. After starting out using rooms at Wayne State University, the organization reached an agreement with Detroit Public Schools and leased an entire school building from 2004 - 2009. The program has also been housed at the Detroit School of Arts and Cass Technical High School. Starting in 2018, we have partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers to offer the program at the University of New Mexico. To date, Campbell Academic Services has served over 9,000 youth and offers classes during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. We are very proud of the many students that have attained partial and full tuition scholarships to college, improved their grades in school, and gained a stronger appreciation for knowledge due to their involvement in Aces. It is their success that lets us know that we are indeed Ö Changing the Future.

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