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Volunteer List - Spring 2004

Aces Program Volunteers/Coaches
Akil Hines
Delphi Automotive  
BS Operations Engineering - Stanford  
Alexis Kerr
BS Textile Eng/Industrial Eng - Southern Polytech
BS Computer Technology - Kent State
MS Operations Mgmt - Kettering (in progress)  
Andrea Jones
BS Mathematics - Spelman
BS Mechanical Engineering - Georgia Tech  
Ann Green
Ford Motor  
BS Electrical Engineering - Kettering University
MS Interdisciplinary Engineering - Purdue  
Bill Rauch
BS Mechanical Engineering - Purdue
BA German - Purdue
MS Automotive Systems Eng - UM Dearborn  
Byron Marshall
Ford Motor  
BS Mechanical Engineering - Howard  
Carmen Russell
Greektown Casino  
BA Speech Communications - Wayne State
BA Psychology - Wayne State  
Chandra Oden
Spirit Enterprises  
BA Marketing/Psychology - Michigan State
MLIR Human Resources - Michigan State  
Curtis Sharif
Delphi Automotive  
BS Mathematics - Morehouse
BS Mechanical Engineering - Georgia Tech
MS Mechanical Engineering - Georgia Tech  
Eric Rayford
General Motors  
BS Computer Science - Rust College
MBA - University of Phoenix
MS Software Engineering - Michigan  
Holly Wendt
General Motors  
BS Industrial Engineering - North Carolina State  
Howard Turner
BS Civil Engineering - FAMU
MS Transportation Eng - Morgan State  
Jelani Smith
General Motors  
BEE Electrical Engineering - Georgia Tech
BS Mathematics - Clark Atlanta  
Jeron Campbell
Executive Director  
BS Electrical Engineering - Michigan State
MS Mfg. Engineering - Michigan  
Larina Robbins
Ford Motor  
BS Electrical Engineering - Michigan
MS Manufacturing Engineering - Wayne State  
Larry Nobles
Ford Motor  
BS Mechanical Engineering - North Carolina State  
LaTonya Kinloch
Ford Motor  
BS Mechanical Engineering - Tennessee State  
Linda Ornsby
Deloitte and Touche  
BBA Accounting - Howard  
Malita Barrett
Barrett and Barrett  
BA - Michigan
JD - Thomas Cooley Law  
Nicole Barnes
General Motors  
BS Public Affairs Mgmt - Michigan State
MBA - Wayne State  
Robert Hall
Ford Motor  
Shannon Elliot
BS Industrial Eng - Michigan  
Sharon Manciel
Detroit Police Department  
BS Social Work - U of Detroit Mercy
MSW Social Work - Wayne State  
Sharon Owens
Ford Motor  
BBA Finance - Clark Atlanta
MBA Finance Strategy - Indiana  
Sonya Brown
DuPont Automotive  
BA Pre-Med/American Studies - Notre Dame  
Talisa Norton
Ford Motor  
BS Mechanical Engineering - Kettering University
M. Eng Manufacturing Engineering - Michigan  
Tom Myers
Retired - Daimler Chrysler  
BS Philosophy - Spring Hill College
BS Electrical Engineering - Illinois
MS Electrical Engineering - Illinois
PhD Management - Michigan  
Turesa Lewis
Wayne County CC  
Valencia Short
Graduate Student  
BA - Michigan
MS Public Policy - Michigan State  
Vontrese Fedrick
National Training Network  
BS Mathematics - Paine College
MS Math Education - NC A & T State  
Yvette Barrett
Barrett and Barrett  
BA - Michigan
JD - Ohio State  

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