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You can use your credit card to make an immediate online donation. We accept credit card donations through PayPal only. Your personal information remains confidential. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, thus your donation is tax deductible.

Form Instructions
There are several ways to donate to our organization. You may sponsor students, scholarships, or equipment for our programs. You may select one of the options below, or donate any amount that you are comfortable with at the bottom of the page. Thank you in advance for helping us to increase the academic performance of our youth.

Step 1: Place a checkmark next to the way(s) in which you wish to donate.
Note: If you have a specific amount in mind, skip steps one and two, enter the amount at the bottom of the page, and click Continue.
Step 2: Specify the number of students/items you wish to sponsor in the box next to all checked item(s). The default value is one student. If you do not place a checkmark next to an item, it will not be added to your total.
Step 3: Press Continue for verification of donation amount and payment.

Sponsor Aces Student(s): Amount
Per Student
Number of
Students to Sponsor
Math, English, or Writing Course $50 Donate  
ACT Prep Course $50 Donate  
9th Grade Prep or 10th Grade Prep $50 Donate  
SAT Prep Course $50 Donate  
Student Book Scholarship $100 Donate  
Donate a Specific Amount:
Donate any amount that is comfortable for you. You can enter this amount below:

$ .00

Please do not use commas when entering numerical amounts over $999.
Ex. Enter $1,000 as 1000.


All selected items will be added on the next page.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about making a donation to our organization.