Current Volunteers

"Teaching and mentoring our youth is not an option, it's an obligation." ~ Jeron Campbell

These are the professionals that give of their time to voluntarily teach the young people in our community. We are playing a part in ensuring that our youth receive the academic coaching and positive examples necessary to realize the great potential that they have within.

Aces Program Volunteers/Coaches
Bill Rauch Bill Rauch
UM Dearborn  
BS Mechanical Engineering
BA German
MS Automotive Systems Eng  
ACT Prep  
Brandon Celestin Brandon Celestin
Aces Program
Penn   BBA Business   Program Director  
Cherie Glenn Cherie Glenn
WSU   BA Music   Webmaster  
Gregory Haines Gregory Haines
Dartmouth   BS Engineering   ACT Prep  
Jeron Campbell Jeron Campbell
JT Campbell Consulting
Michigan State
BS Electrical Engineering
MS Manufacturing Engineering
EdLD Education Leadership (2014)  
Founder / Exec. Director  
Maria Quintana Maria Quintana
GreenPath Debt Solutions
Alma College   BA Business Administration
BA Art and Design  
  Mitali Chakrabarti
Ford Motor
Indian Institute of Tech
Iowa State  
B Tech Mechanical Engineering
PhD Mechanical Engineering  
9th Grade Prep Math  
Voncile Campbell Voncile Campbell
Wayne State
Wayne State  
BA Education
MA Education  
English Essentials  

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Jeron Campbell,
Founder and CEO
(313) 506-3677
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