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Interested in volunteering? We're looking for talented and conscientious volunteers to help us increase the impact of the program. The initial curriculum for several courses has been developed by Aces personnel. The program targets students in grades 7-12. Academic coaches need to be familiar with some or all of the following subjects: pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, grammar, reading comprehension and basic science. Spring classes meet on Saturday mornings from 9 pm -12:30 pm. Whatever time commitment you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Aces volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Just like many of you, the majority of Aces volunteers have never taught a class or even taken an education class before volunteering with Aces. Aces volunteers have majored in fields such as engineering, business, medicine and law; thus representing the very best achievers in the community. In order to do our part to ensure the success of many of our community's students, we cannot consider participating in their lives an option, but an obligation. We must share our knowledge with our youth. Significant impact cannot be made with one time per month/year events during which time a volunteer spends a couple of hours of limited interaction with a young person. Aces volunteers commit to spend three hours of their time each session directly interacting with their class of students. Aces provides all instructional material and curriculum for all of its classes. Your main task is to transfer the knowledge to your group of students as effectively as you can. YOU CAN DO IT!

Keep in mind, there are many potential ways of teaming up to teach a course. For instance, two people could agree to commit to alternate throughout the semester. Or two people could teach the class for five weeks each, transitioning during the middle of the course. Aces Executive Director, Jeron Campbell, is committed to supporting all volunteers and ensuring that they have the resources necessary to make positive change in their classes. Also, for those who would like to help in non-teaching ways, if you have skills or contacts in accounting, publicity or special event fundraising, proposal writing, etc., please email Jeron Campbell to find out more about whether this volunteer opportunity is right for you.

General guidelines for Aces session dates

Summer session dates and times:
Student registration - June
Closing Ceremony - August
Class sessions held on Saturdays from 9AM - 12:30

Spring session dates and times:
Student registration - January
Closing Ceremony - April
Class sessions held on Saturdays from 9AM - 12:30

Fall session dates and times:
Student registration - September
Closing Ceremony - November
Class sessions held on Saturdays from 9AM - 12:30

For more information contact:
Jeron Campbell, Ed.L.D.
Founder and Executive Director
(313) 506-3677
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