Jeron T. Campbell

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Academic Services, Jeron oversees academic strategy, community outreach, volunteer recruiting, and fundraising for a leading educational resource and test preparation organization.

In 2001, Jeron founded Campbell Academic Services (CAS) as a 501c3 community based organization. Through the highly regarded Aces Program, CAS offers ACT/SAT test preparation as well as basic math, English and writing courses to youth in the Detroit area. Jeron has implemented year round workshops to benefit not only urban youth, but parents as well; further strengthening relationships within the home. Most recently, Jeron added the All City Mentoring Event, which enabled community professionals the opportunity to speak at local high schools.

Recognized as a pillar in the community, Jeron was awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award in 2001. His Aces Program was chronicled in the Detroit News and Free Press in 2002, 2003, and 2005. To date Campbell Academic Services has reached over 5,000 youth.

Before founding Campbell Academic Services, Jeron began his professional career as an Electrical Engineer with Daimler-Chrysler in the Manufacturing College Graduate in Training Program in 1995. In 1998, he accepted the opportunity to join Ford Motorís Companyís highly selective Manufacturing Leadership Program.

In 2009, Jeron was accepted into the highly selective Broad Residency in Urban Education. He elected to stay in Detroit, working for Detroit Public Schools as the Executive Director of School Redesign. Jeron was a co-creator of the Ben Carson High School for Science and Medicine, a school dedicated to providing Detroit youth with a rigorous STEM education option. He later held the role of assistant superintendent, responsible for supporting 14 Detroit high schools.

Looking to further develop his leadership skills, Jeron is currently a student at Harvard's prestigious Doctorate in Education Leadership program. This innovative, three year, tuition free, doctorate program seeks to produce leaders that will transform American education. Jeron holds a Master of Engineering in Manufacturing from the University of Michigan, where he was a GEM Fellow and Tauber Manufacturing Institute Fellow. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.

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