Aces Executive Summary

The Aces Program is a nonprofit organization that assists Detroit-area high school students with increasing their scholastic aptitude through interactive classes and team activities. The goals of the Aces program include: significant improvement in high school grades and standardized test scores, exposing youth to positive role models in the community, and renewing aspiration to pursue excellence as the students mature and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Aces classes focus on the development of strong math, English and writing skills as well as preparation for standardized tests such as the ACT. Currently there are six principle course offerings within Aces: ACT Prep, Math Essentials, English Essentials, Writing and Thinking, 9th Grade Prep and 10th Grade Prep. The summer, fall and spring semester courses meet on Saturdays. The classes utilize textbooks and study guides that are very thorough in approach and easy for the students to follow. In addition, authentic ACT exams are purchased to aid in test preparation.

Aces courses are taught by area professionals that volunteer their time to help the Aces students achieve success. These individuals are committed to sharing their expert knowledge and insight with the Aces students as a way of giving back to the community and actively participating in the shaping of our future.

For more information contact:
Jeron Campbell, Ed.L.D.
Founder and Executive Director
(313) 506-3677
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