Aces Activities

Higher Learning Symposiums

The Aces Higher Learning Symposiums are conducted each semester. The mission of the symposiums is to provide a forum in which our students will have an opportunity to have an open dialogue with a panel of 'elders' from throughout the community. It is a chance for people who have faced the crossroads that these students now face to share their knowledge with them as they live their journey and learn the role of manhood and womanhood and the responsibility that comes with it. Whether they are entering the workforce, the armed services, college, or trade school, it is imperative that they receive support and guidance from those of us who are able to provide footsteps, so that they might build on the successes and learn from the errors others have made. As topics are discussed, the students will have an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists and each other and vice-versa. The goal is to produce an atmosphere of sharing and concern for all involved.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Activities

Business Plan Writing Activity
All Aces students are required to participate in structured classroom activities that help to build their entrepreneurial spirit. The ACT/SAT Prep students will be randomly placed on teams of five. They will receive a handout and presentation on how to write a business plan. Then each team will be expected to develop a business plan during designated class-times. The team will select a lead/CEO that will be responsible for delivering the final plan. The end result is not expected to be very elaborate, the key is to gain understanding of what it takes to start and run a business. The minimum requirement is just 3 pages with 6 paragraphs explaining their ideas regarding the major areas of the business (define product/service; define customer, market plan, financial plan, etc). There will be class time allocated to help them along. The best plans will be selected and those teams are recognized at the Aces Closing Ceremony.

Stock Market Investing Activity
Math Essentials, English Essentials and Writing and Thinking students will participate in a mock stock portfolio exercise. Wall Street Journals will be brought in and they will be taught how to read/understand the Money and Investing section. They will be given 1,000 'play' dollars with which to select and purchase stock. They will be encouraged to track their portfolio during the semester. The top money winners are recognized at the Aces Closing Ceremony.

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